Earlier this year, ZTE launched Crowd Sourced X project, in which users were asked to come up with the concept of the future structure of the company. The final came three smartphone, exo-glove and helmet virtual reality for swimming. At the end of user voting won smartphone, which can be controlled with the help of sight. Now ZTE reiterated its appeal to users, so they proposed the name for a future device.


Recall that the winner in the Crowd Sourced X smartphone it should be equipped with multiple cameras and special sensors which will track the movement of the user’s eyes, allowing you to control the device without touching. The second feature of this smartphone should be a back cover with a special adhesive coating, whereby the device can be mounted on any flat surface, like a wall.

Proposals called this smartphone are accepted on the official website project until December 5, and the user whose option is selected, will receive a prize gift card worth $ 250. The announcement of the device will be held early in January at the exhibition CES 2017.

Source: androidauthority.com