Zero Roaming, check a roof for Data


The Zero Roaming wobbles. The wait elimination of extra costs for calls and internet browsing outside the borders of their own country is likely to become much less attractive if you really pass some proposals presented by European Commission . As known to the chronicles, the Commission is trying to find a square on the rules of fair use roaming to allow its proper use without users will abuse. According to the Financial Times, these proposals could penalize not just Europeans who decide to embark on a journey within the Union.

According to the source, therefore, the Commission would like to pay extra to holders of an “unlimited” plan to surf the Internet, or set up a sort traffic limit exceeded which the internet connection would be cut. However, users have a prepaid rate may not reach their ceiling abroad. In other words, if the proposal is passed, Europeans could not fully use their data subscription outside the country going, so, against the spirit of the abolition of roaming within the continent.


The costs and the limits would not, however, yet been established because it will be up to member states to agree. Currently, there is discussion about how the mobile operators of a country will be able to charge operators from other countries for roaming on their networks. A push on higher tariffs would be the telco of the preferred destinations of tourism countries such as Telefonica and Telecom Italy . Italy and Spain, therefore, suggest a cost of 10 euro per GB, while other countries would stop at 4 euro per GB of data. All this means that if a user pays 20 euro for an unlimited plan, abroad, with the costs requested by Italy Telecom and Telefonica, could have only 2GB, whereas if prices followed the assumptions of other countries, traffic would rise to 5GB.

Finding a cost square will, however, complicated because the countries are divided between those who want very low rates and those high rates. Teleco, of course, especially those in the south, are very disgruntled because roaming costs accounted for 5% of their income.

The square will also be difficult to come by virtue of different costs tariff plans from country to country. The low cost operators, in fact, could not bear the payment of these extra costs with the risk of having to raise fares for users. Lars Christian Lilleholt Danish Minister for Energy and utilies, even fears that some operators can eliminate roaming from their services.

A final decision will be taken later this year but it is certain that the discussions between here and the end of 2016 will be very hot on the abolition of roaming charges.

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