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The launch of Zenfone 3 new generation of main smartphone from ASUS in Brazil is scheduled for October 25. However, it seems that someone burned the start and device information released ahead of time: the Zenfone 3 appeared in the official online store of ASUS for R $ 2,099


The company has removed the air page but not before fast fingers on the trigger register the product image. The price quoted refers to the model Zenfone 3 with 5.5-inch screen, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage.

Zenfone 3 Brasil

The Zenfone 3 came to replace the Zenfone 2, released last year. In its new version, the smartphone ASUS has ceased to have the plastic finish and won a body made of aluminum alloy, with resistant glass risks on both sides. The smartphone has a 5.5 inch screen with resolution Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixel rows). The rear camera has 16 megapixels, while the front offers 8 megapixels. Inside, we have a processor Snapdragon 625 eight core .

We have had the opportunity to get their hands on a model like this, and soon, the complete analysis of the smartphone is in the air here in Canaltech.

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