With the development of high-speed networks for Internet access services, the popularity of IP telephony has increased significantly. These features allow you to abandon the conventional fixed-line, even large companies. In addition, the transition to IP-telephony allows to coordinate the work of the staff, to save on calls abroad and open new offices for a few hours.

Zadarma Service is one of the leading IP-telephony in Russia and the CIS. For 10 years the operator customers were more than 600 000 users. Zadarma project is supported by a group of operators and focuses on providing premium-quality communications. He began his work in 2006 and continues to increase the pace of its development. On Zadarma project it is today:

  • largest cloud system at 4 geographically diverse data centers;
  • hundreds of thousands of customers from around the world;
  • interaction with the world’s largest operators;
  • growing range of cloud-based telephony services;
  • available multi-level system clock customer support;
  • most convenient personal account that allows instant automated receipt of the full range of services;
  • special department of innovative technological development and quality control department.

The service has had its own VoIP-applications on Android and iOS systems, and now, finally, there will be free the IP application telephony for Windows . This is a convenient and simple program with an intuitive interface has all the features you need to make and receive calls from your computer: support for five languages, ease of setup, the phone book, support for virtual PBX Zadarma, displaying the balance of the account, the signal of an incoming call, the clock support (the online chat and tickets), history calls, constant updates

program Zadarma for Windows:.

  • Easy setup (just enter the username and password, the program is ready to use);
  • support five languages;
  • Phonebook;
  • Support for Virtual PBX;
  • Displays the balance of the account (in the currency of your personal account )
  • on the incoming call signal
  • Round the clock support (online chat and tickets);
  • Chat history;
  • Regular updates
  • [

for more information about possible applications, as well as view the information on turn-based setup program on the official website Zadarma.com . Download Zadarma for Windows can be here .

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