YouTube has decided to start direct live support for 4K resolution, both for classic video is for those taken with technologies to 360 degrees.

YouTube has thus taken an important step and now supports the live streaming in 4K resolution . Supported videos are both standard ones, called “regular”, both recorded and broadcast to 360 °. YouTube has initially enabled support to uploading videos on its platform in 2010 and now, six years later, has made available the live streaming, then the direct video in 4K resolution.

“In 2010, we enabled support for 4K video for the first time. Since then, millions of videos have been uploaded to this resolution and have made YouTube the largest video 4K online library. Today we are proud to announce that we are bringing 4K video one step forward with the launch of live streaming in 4K for standard video and 260 degrees “- said the statement on the official YouTube blog.

Specifically, the video 4K are supported up to 60 frames per second (FPS) in order to allow content creators to upload video to the highest possible resolution and with a high fluidity. We’ll see how it will evolve the platform and be able to establish itself as the live video in 4K over time and with the spread of the recording standard.

Source: YouTube