After introduced support video HDR to exploit the full potential of devices like Chromecasts Ultra now YouTube makes a step further: the platform announces the ability to transmit in live streaming resolution 4K . Of course, to do that you need a considerable amount of bandwidth.

L ‘ Ultra HD Live is also available for the to 360 degree video (ideal, for example, for the concerts or for events) and can be transmitted with a framerate that arrives at 60 fps, thus ensuring the highest possible quality both with regard to the definition that the fluidity of the flow. One of the first programs affected by this new format is that relating to the Game Awards event staged in the day today, where as it happens every year are awarded the best videogame titles came on the market over the past twelve months. Here is what we read on the pages of the official blog.

In 2010, we enabled support for 4K video for the first time ever. Since then, millions of movies have been uploaded to this incredible resolution, making YouTube the largest Ultra HD online clip library. Today we are proud to announce that we bring 4K video to a new level, with support for live streaming in HD Ultra, both for standard movies that for those 360 ​​degrees.

As mentioned at the beginning, to transfer live video 4K without interruption and with a high frame rate requires a fast connection. A fundamental requirement, that if it fails because inevitably blocks, buffering problems and more generally unsatisfactory experience for the viewer. After all, each frame is made up of more than eight million pixels, four times more than those that make up an image in Full HD format.