support for 4K format video appeared on YouTube back in 2010, and since then millions of users clips in high definition have been downloaded. Now, YouTube introduces support for the online broadcasts in 4K. it is worth noting that this feature is available for both conventional video and 360-degree. Especially useful it will be in conjunction with a virtual reality, where the quality and resolution of the video depends on the degree of immersion in what is happening around.

 Game Awards

Rate this new feature will be able to everyone on December 2 at 03:30 Moscow time during the online broadcast of the annual ceremony of Game Awards which will be screened in 4K.

In addition, YouTube is now also supports the broadcast at 60 frames per second. The main thing is that the equipment content creators could “pull” such quality. And of course to see crisp and smooth online broadcasting needs an appropriate 4K-monitor or TV.