YouTube debuts streaming 4K

Google introduced support to streaming of live broadcasts 4K of YouTube . This innovation will allow to exploit the potential offered by the latest generation of devices, such as Chromecasts Ultra . Of course, the basis of everything it will require a high Internet connectivity, since the streaming 4K occupies a considerable amount of bandwidth.

YouTube is updated and introduces support to video streaming 4K . This feature is intended to all YouTubers who want struttare the latest technologies and make your own channel more polished and functional.

The update in question comes on the occasion of Game Awards 2016 the first event broadcast UltraHD resolution on YouTube, with the aim of giving a further boost to the live video world. Not only, can also be transmitted 360-degree video in 4K with framerate to 60 fps .

After enabling support for 4K video for the first time ever in 2010, YouTube has taken another key step.

Each frame of the YouTube video streaming in HD Ultra will consist of eight million pixels, four times more than those of an image in Full HD.

Of course, as you can understand, to share a streaming video in 4K without any interruption, you need a fast Internet connection. This is a key requirement, given that during the live stream, in the event of slower connection speed, could happen buffering problems and make use of the video is not enough for the viewer.

Starting today, December 1, YouTube allows you to create live streaming 4K . We just have to try this important news, provided you have a considerable amount of bandwidth.