YouTube plays in advance of the competition and set the ace, making available from today, the opportunity to make the direct video in 4K UHD resolution . Users will be able to use the highest definition is for normal transmissions for those to 360 provided of course to have a connection that can deliver a upload bandwidth of more than 7 Mbps.

With this move, YouTube deals a severe blow to its main competitor Twitch, or the platform with respect to stream live content, especially a playful theme. Twitch has in fact a structured more effectively, thanks to the channel management, donations and much more, but now YouTube is pursuing playing the card of high quality, more and more sought after by users who have gradually access to connections higher performance.

If you want to get a taste of the potential offered by streaming in 4K, you can follow the live of The Game Awards 2016 that will be transmitted, even in 4K, the next 2 December starting at 2:30 am Italian time.

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