YouTube algorithm changed after shooting in Las Vegas



      Google makes use of an algorithm that places in the first results of search to sources that, in general, give truthful information, something that also happens in YouTube, the service of videos of the ones of Mountain View. However, during the sad Las Vegas shootout, the algorithm began to show sources of dubious veracity in both Google and YouTube search results, raising a lot of criticism. Indeed in the Breaking News section of YouTube, a new place located in the Home that collects breaking news, was also showing a video about this shootout with unfounded information that could cause a lot of confusion among the millions of users who visit the page. After the critics, and as they say from The Wall Street Journal, the YouTube algorithm will receive a code wash to, from now on, offer much more truthful information both in the search results and in the section Breaking News, the first place a user goes if you want to find one news from last minute. From Google they assure the newspaper that the new algorithm for YouTube is not completely polished and that they need their time, since at moment of the Las Vegas tragedy were still working on it. After these events have decided to accelerate its start-up and could be ready in the coming weeks, we will see if with better results.How to find free movies on YouTube [Fuente: theverge] Photo GalleryThe Youtubers who earn the most money in the world according to Forbesver the 11 photos