The company “Yandex”, according to the newspaper “Izvestia”, will soon present a platform “Connect”, intended for the organization of communication between corporate users.

“Yandeks.Konnekt” unite the website and app for PC. The system will divide the communication within the company by department or topics, will allow to correspond and share files.

Another component will be the future platform mobile messenger “Yamb” for devices running Android and iOS control. This client is designed for closed communication within the company will be able to operate only with reference to the service


In general, the new platform will be tightly integrated with other services “Yandex”. Among them are named “Mail” cloud storage “Disc”, “Calendar” and “Contacts”. It is assumed that the address book at corporate users, besides the standard name, phone number and mail address, there will be items such as “department” and “additional information”.

On the timing of the launch platform “Yandeks.Konnekt” and associated mobile messenger “Yamb” is not reported.