“Yandex” has developed a service that is claimed to help companies extend the value of communicating with customers through traditional phone calls, as well as through e-mails and SMS.

The solution, based on machine learning technology, allows you to segment your audience of clients depending on their needs. In other words, the system allows you to communicate with clients more targeted. For example, companies will be able to handle a variety of proposals for different groups of consumers.

“Yandex” combines anonymous profiles of client companies with their profiles on the web, analyze their behavior and reports of them is interested in a particular product. Thus, the company may apply to each group of customers with the most appropriate offer.

It is expected that by the introduction of the new system will benefit both companies and their clients. The first will be able to reduce the cost of calls and salary employees call centers, the second – will be spared from unnecessary emails and phone calls


A new tool has already tested several large banks and trading companies. “ We expect that in the foreseeable future, the technology will allow to combine all communications with the client in a managed multi-channel scenario, which will take into account the needs of the person and history of interaction with the company. This will benefit all – and the companies and their clients “- say in the” Yandex “.