Yahoo’s performance in Q3 beats market estimates


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In the midst of possible cancellation of purchase of its core business by Verizon, which fears the impact of the massive leak of customer data Yahoo in 2014, the company gained a positive boost to your reputation by disclosing financial results for the third quarter.

Yahoo’s total revenue rose 6.5% in the period to $ 1.31 billion, compared to a year ago, beating estimates of market analysts, awaiting the figure of US $ 1.3 billion. The company’s net profit also grew to $ 162.8 million from $ 76.3 million in the same comparative basis. Another positive sign was the revenue generated by the Mavens, unit of social advertising, mobile and video, which increased 24.2% to $ 524 million.

The company’s financial performance in the quarter ended September 30 gave at least an indication that the data breach that affected at least 500 million e-mail accounts for two years did not lead to a quick getaway from customers, as some feared.

The question is now whether the results will animate Verizon about to forget the dreaded impact that the incident could lead to business. The deal to buy Yahoo to be completed in early 2017.

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