Yahoo Answers has landed onto the mobile; for now only the US and only iOS


Without much fanfare, Yahoo issued on ‘ App Store in the US Yahoo Answers Now an app to consult Yahoo Answers. Although in recent times its popularity has somewhat ‘diminished, it is one of the largest sites of questions & answers on any subject still present in the world: the United States alone, unable to score even more than 3.1 million unique visitors per month.

Yahoo Answers now had appeared several months ago on the App Store, but with the name of Yahoo Hive . Judging from the screenshots, it seemed it was a substantial modernization of the social network, a “rebirth” in the mobile key to counter the increasingly fierce competition from similar services like Quora. At the beginning of November, however, the app has abandoned the name Hive to return to the more classic Answers Now.

According to early reports, does not seem that there are special news than the Web version of the service – in particular, does not solve the problem of network moderation to avoid questions or ridiculous answers. Yahoo has not released any information on the app roadmap, in other words we do not know if and when it will be available on other platforms and in other countries.

Yahoo Answers Now | iTunes App Store USA, Free Source VIA

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