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The Xiaomi became famous for producing smartphones with great value for money and deal with major manufacturers mainly in emerging markets. But not only phones the Chinese manufacturer lives, since it also produces accessories, drones and even bicycles. On Monday (17), there were rumors that the company is about to expand again, its activities and announce its own processor.

Baptized momentarily “Meri”, the SoC hardly compete with rivals such as Snapdragon of Qualcomm or Exynos of Samsung . Thus, it is believed that the target Xiaomi are input and intermediate segments, which can disturb a bit MediaTek.

Leaked image shows the alleged specifications of the device equipped with Meri, own manufacturing processor Xiaomi (Playback: Gizmochina)

Details Specifications component are scarce, but rumor has brought some images that help us to get a sense of what’s coming up. In them, we see an unknown model of the Mi Note supposedly equipped with Meri and open AIDA64, showing the device’s data sheet. Here, we face a gadget equipped with GPU Mali T-860, which means that SoC has at least core Cortex-A53 and Cortex-A57 – but without knowing the clock them.

Other photos leaked on the social network Weibo show the performance of this smartphone benchmarks. However, these figures do not reflect the performance specifically Meri, but the device as a whole. And yet, the result is not the best: the smartphone can be compared to a LG V10 or a Galaxy Note 4, both models 2014-2015.

Desempenho do tal smartphone não é dos mais animadores e ele pode ser comparado a modelos dos idos de 2014

Performance of this phone is not the most encouraging and it can be compared to models of 2014 Gone (Playback: Gizmochina)

Well, regardless of the Meri be good or not, is twisted so that the Xiaomi can enter this new industry segment with the right foot. The chip manufacturing business is a somewhat risky and recent history is there to not let us lie with cases of overheating Snapdragon 810.

Via Gizmochina SlashGear