Xiaomi launched on its crowdfunding platform a new accessory dedicated to sleep monitoring . It is Luna Smart a small sensor (just 44×14,5mm for 12 grams) that connects to our Android or iOS smartphone to analyze the quality of sleep, collecting data in a series of reports that help the user to better understand where to make changes to their habits.

Luna Smart connects via WiFi b / g / n on the phone, so that other people can access the collected data.

If you have difficulty getting to sleep, the little device can even the music issue [19459009relaxing]. Xiaomi then ensures that Luna Smart does not emit electromagnetic waves, and can therefore be placed on your pillow (or inside) without too many worries.

The device has a 3.7V battery that provides’ autonomy of three months with a charge of just one hour, and is available on the crowdfunding platform Xiaomi at the price of 69 yuan, equivalent to a little less than 10 EUR .

Xiaomi Luna Smart is compatible with iOS 8 and higher and with Android 4.0 and above.

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