Xiaomi Amazfit is a smartwatch that is attracting great success among fans of Chinese products and sports activities, thanks to the low cost and excellent support from the developer community. Today, the Chinese manufacturer has introduced Amazfit Bip produced again by the affiliate Huami and with many features in common with the smartwatch already on the market.

But a great difference is made, given by the shape of the dial, circulating on Amazfit Pace, as it is called in the western markets, and square on the new Amazfit Bip . The new smartwatch features a 1.28-inch square display, protected by a Gorilla glass in 2.5D, with Transflective technology that makes it perfectly visible under the sun.

Huami has been able to insert a 190 mAh battery that guarantees up to 45 days of autonomy, with display brightness at 10%, half an hour of physical activity a week and a hundred daily notifications. The battery can reach four months of autonomy by deactivating smart features and leaving sleep monitoring and counting of steps active. If the GPS is activated, however, the autonomy drops drastically but still reaches 22 hours.

Features include heart rate measurement, foot counting and sleep quality measurement and, thanks to GPS, other data such as height, height difference, cadence, rhythm, instantaneous speed, maximum distance, and distance traveled. You can record data on walking, racing, exercises on the treadmill and bicycle trips. Amazfit Beep is lightweight, with the strap coming up to just 32 grams, including 18 of the watch only.

Finally there is the IP68 certification that will allow you to use it in any environment, including water, without any risk of water or dust damage. We also note that the new smartwatch is already compatible with Xiaomi Mi Fit 3.0 the application updated today although it will have to wait a few days before it can be purchased from classical Chinese importers. ]

The official price in China is 399 yuan, about 52 euros and the color to choose from is four, different for dial color and strap: Obsidian Black, Sandstone Gray, Khaki Green and Orange Flame

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