Xerox largest shareholder of the company is trying to ban the separation


Billionaire Darwin Deason (Darwin Deason; see picture below.), Whose edition of The Wall Street Journal calls the largest shareholder of the Xerox, through the court demanded to prevent the separation of the company, since the reorganization violates the terms of the contract, concluded with a businessman in 2009.

Then Darwin Deason agreed with Xerox for the sale of which he founded outsourcing company Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) for about $ 6 billion. As part of the transaction entrepreneur received preferred convertible Xerox shares worth $ 300 million, which, according to Dyson, let him count at stake in the two public companies, emerging instead Xerox.

Recall, Xerox will separate before the end of this year, in one company (Xerox will retain the name of) your unit for the production of printing equipment, and in another (Conduent Inc.) – a service business, including ACS. Darwin Deason said that the crushing of the American corporation will focus its investments in the Xerox, and not in Conduent, which the businessman calls a fast-growing company.

His claim Deason, who in January 2016 owned 6.1% of the Xerox, He expressed in a lawsuit filed in US District court in Dallas. The company believes shareholder arguments unfounded and intends to defend its position in court.


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