Xbox One will receive the first email client, MailOnX


MailOnX is first email client for Xbox One the console home Microsoft which continues to pursue the ambitious goal of becoming something more than just a gaming console. The app was developed by taking advantage of the Redwater Technologies Universal Windows Platform, uses the Windows API 10, but is available exclusively for Xbox One. MailOnX, specifically, allows you to use Xbox One for:

Receive email accounts and managing multiple providers Compose new messages and they can reply Support all Microsoft Mail Provider (including Outlook and Office 365), Yahoo, Gmail, Zoho , iCloud, Blueyonder, AOL, etc. Support settings for your email signature Supported reading online messages Filter mail according to a specific email address Customize the client with pre.-installed games Use family pictures mode – blocks mail account to prevent the console users respond or viewing emails Leverage full support for the Xbox gamepad

mailon X does not yet support the mail, as with other apps, for example, Readit (client Reddit ), and is offered at a price not really content given that, as mentioned, at the moment can only be downloaded on Xbox one. mailon X costs, in fact, 9,89 EUR and can be downloaded directly from Xbox One by logging on to the address below (via Edge browser) or, alternatively, by searching through the Windows Store integrated into the console.

MailOnX for Xbox One – 9,89 EUR

Beyond the considerations on the price, it is interesting that developers are taking advantage of the possibilities offered by UWP and the Windows Store unified, which place the basis for a expansion of Xbox one feature, borrowing them from the PC world . It is hoped that other developers will follow the example of Redwater Technologies, casting further email clients at lower prices.

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