Blizzard Entertainment announced the exact release date of the update “Back to Karazhan» (Return to Karazhan) for World of Warcraft: Legion. Update under the number 7.1 will be installed on the game servers on October 25th.

“Return to Karazhan” will offer gamers to uncover all the secrets of one of the most popular WoW raids and fight as with familiar inhabitants of Karazhan, and new adversaries, including Shadow Medivh. The update also will be a new long chain of jobs associated with the fallen elf Suramar city, and the new raid “Test of Valor”, which will need to go into the depths of the underworld Vrykul, Helheim.

The included Return to Karazhan content can already be tested in a test mode on PTR-servers. Learn more about the upcoming update is available from the Director of the newly made video interview World of Warcraft Hazzikostasa Ion (Ion Hazzikostas) presented above, that just the other day replaced in this post Tom Chilton (Tom Chilton).