With the next update in War Thunder will appear the French tanks


The company Gaijin Entertainment announced that the next major update of the military online ekshena War Thunder will add ground technology to France.


Recall that after the October announcement the next game nation – France, the developers began to introduce new types of military vehicles. Earlier, in early November, appeared French aviation. This time the ranks of the French army will be replenished with dozens of models of armored vehicles from I to VI ranks. The authors promise a wide variety of machines that will bring into play new tactical features peculiar exclusively to the French tank troops.

"At the initial ranks French tanks are notable for good reservation, which will provide adequate protection for a normally small crew of two or three people, – tell the developers. – Standing apart are the heavy tanks B1bis and B1ter. In addition to good booking, they boast of a large crew and powerful weapons. At the same time, low mobility makes B1 vulnerable to the most powerful cannon of lower rank, rockets and bombs, which means that the tank will require players to pay attention to the battlefield and correct positioning of the machine ".

At medium and high ranks a number of tanks will receive an excellent bonus in the form of systems of automatic charging of guns. This will affect the tactics of behavior on the battlefield, because such machines can make quick turns of shots from the main gun, but then they will need a long recharge. According to the authors, this technique will suit those players who prefer "powerful rapid attacks and quick maneuvers."