With Hello Games have removed all the charges concerning misleading trailers No Man’s Sky


Two months after the beginning of the marketing investigations concerning No Man’s Sky game developer Hello games still got away with it. Committee of the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has considered a request that the page of the game on Steam is misleading, demonstrating broad gameplay and visual capabilities, many of which are simply not present in the space simulator. However, the ASA as a result of the investigation dismissed the application, noting that the materials for the most part represent the final product and is unlikely to mislead consumers.

During the investigation, representatives of the committee viewed the page No Man’s Sky on Steam and videos provided by the developers of the game, and personally tested the project, to check there whether these or other opportunities in the middle game session. Regarding large-scale space battles, the lack of buyers who complain the game, the ASA had some doubts, but eventually was shown a video of the conflict, on the scale closest to the claimed.

However, the ASA found a number of differences in the trailers and the final version of the game. Regulatory Authority, for example, did not notice that in the No Man’s Sky ships flying under rock formations. It has been found and the difference in the behavior of animals, but in the end it was also decided that in the trailer it was a “fleeting and random scene,” and that this is not is misleading. As for the graphics component of the project, the ASA has emphasized that the performance may vary depending on which computer game is launched.

Finally, the Committee recognized that Hello Games tried to show off your product “in the best light.” According to him, the materials for the trailer were taken out of the game (despite the fact that some elements like the interface before the release were “corrected”) and showed the possibility of randomly generated universe. Therefore, “the overall impression of advertising appropriate to the gameplay and video footage like Hello Games, and the players, and the expected gaming experience was not exaggerated.” With Hello Games all charges were dropped.


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