The company Plantronics has released a wireless headset BackBeat Pro 2 is a continuation of Model 2014 .

Judged purely on technical parameters, it is possible to think that the model is almost unchanged. Here is the same autonomy of 24 hours, the same range of 100 m (used Bluetooth 4.0), the same 40-mm emitters and the same noise reduction technology.

has not disappeared, and the ability to connect to two different devices and instantly switch between them. Headphones, as before, through sensors, determine whether they are worn on the head. If not – the device stops playing music


In the new model, the creators have paid special attention to low frequencies, although the claim that detail as a whole is not affected. As before, it is possible to connect through the headphone cable. Open-listening Mode mode will allow continuing to enjoy the music, hear the ambient sounds that can be useful in some cases. Activation mode occurs via physical buttons on the device.

Importantly, the headphones have become a lot harder. If the first model weighed 340 grams, the new weighs 540. Buy novelty is available for $ 200. For $ 250 Plantronics offers a modification to the NFC module.

the Plantronics