Wire joypad NES Classic too short? Incoming wireless kit 8bitdo


The Nintendomania is returned to spread thanks to the new NES Classic; and we would do well to take us except that it is so hard to find on the Net. And then there is a small obstacle that does not allow to enjoy and understand this very successful operation in nostalgia of the Japanese home: too short wire controller. We also talked about during our episode of Direct Drive although, it is true, probably use the couch is not what I had in mind Nintendo.

In any case, 8bitdo announced that it is coming to market its new Wireless Control Kit designed especially for mini-Nintendo console. It’s called NES30 Classic Edition September and will be available for purchase in mid-December. It is not the only one of this type kit, but has some features that make it the ideal choice. It consists of two parts:

The Retro Receiver is a Bluetooth dongle with specific attacks of the NES Classic is connected to the console. It is compatible with various gamepad available on the market, including Dual Shock 3:04 and Nintendo Wii controllers and Wii U. And Bluetooth wireless gamepad NES30 8bitdo developed by itself, emulating in every way to the original NES, except of course the wire. The controller has estimated a range of about 20 hours, and you can also connect to a PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

The cost of the set will be € 39.99 on Amazon in the US . It’s already available to pre-order; shipments will start as from 16 December.

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