Winter or Christmas sale in the digital distribution system Steam may start on December 22, according to the user site NeoGAF under the name of Tizoc.

He has access to a private section of the forum Steam, intended for developers. There also was posted information about upcoming events, so that only an anonymous well-wisher had that to take a screenshot and post it (see. Below). Hard to say, reliable or not, but specified there dates coincide with the time when Valve usually spends Christmas sale. If the information is true, then the Steam Holiday Sale 2016 will be held from December 22 this year to January 2 next.

By the way, on the same date last picture shows the autumn sales, and they coincide with reality. Which, of course, does not negate the fact that it is a screenshot of may turn out to be bogus. Recall that last year’s sales also started Dec. 22, however, continued for a couple of days longer and completed the 2 nd and 4 January. Any comments about the information leak Valve not given. It is also unknown, and what bonuses the company prepare for this sale. During the recently concluded autumn phase of asked to nominate for the prize game Steam Awards 2016.