The operating system Windows 10 has almost reached the 24% threshold of the desktop operating system market in November . The data is detected by the statistics provided by NetMarketShare confirming at the same time, a slight increase from the previous month.

Specifically in the month just completed the share of Windows 10 is stood at 23.72% against 22.6% at the end of October . Windows 10 continues to slowly grow, albeit without the boom that management hoped occurs, especially with the potential to make the free upgrade, expired at the end of July 2016.

a significant portion of share is still attributable to Windows 7 that even in late November, appears to be the most popular desktop OS with a very large margin compared to Windows 10. even the late last month, we can say that Windows 7 continues to hold almost half the market with a share of 47.17% .

The physiological fluctuations do not change, then, a well-it established for years now and this statement also applies to Windows XP, on third most popular desktop OS albeit with lower percentages (thankfully) the threshold of 10% (8.63% specifically). Share not too different – 8.01% – to Windows 8.1 terminating in fourth position the group of Microsoft desktop operating systems and yields gradually (but slowly) shares the latest Windows 10.

the alternatives to Microsoft’s operating systems, namely Linux and OS X, are immediately behind: Linux 2.31% and OS X 10.11 at 2, 21%.