Windows 10 almost 50% share on Steam


Windows 10 has practically reached another milestone of diffusion is used by about 50 percent of users Steam (namely 49.6 percent ); last month stood at 49.33 per cent. As always, the vast majority of players running version to 64-bit (48.37 percent); the 32-bit version only crumbs remain.

is also interesting to note that even Windows 7 64-bit grew reaching 28.82 percent. All other operating system versions have remained stable or have lost a bit ‘of land; in any case, the situation can be described reasonably stable. The Windows monopoly on the platform remains undisputed, with as many as 95.40 per cent share.

As regards hardware configurations the average quantity remains RAM 8 GB, accompanied by 1 GB of video RAM. The preferred resolution remains the FHD 1080p, both for single-monitor setup for those dual-monitor. The Nvidia GTX 970 GPU is the most widespread, used by approximately 4.90 percent of all users. Nvidia maintains by far the most widely used producer primacy, with the 58,62 per cent share. ATI / AMD stops at 23.46 percent, while Intel gets 17.48 percent.


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