What to give at Christmas technological




The Christmas at the gates even comes time to buy gifts for friends and family. If we have a few ideas, we can count on at least a solid certainty: the gifts of technological sector. Because? Whatever our budget and whatever the requirement to be satisfied, the tech gifts have an answer that is right for our case!

For the friend or family member who loves to take care of your well-being, a good tech Christmas gift is definitely I smartband . On the market if they are of all types and prices, easily connect to your smartphone and let you monitor a number of parameters (including the daily steps taken, or the quality of sleep). The smartband also allows you to receive notifications useful as calls or messages received on the phone that was connected.

If we are looking for an intelligent appliance which allows to save time and energy to the person we give it, the better choice is the new Robot Elf VR200 . Designed to ensure suction performance three times higher than those of competing products, it is able to recognize obstacles and to be precise in the cleaning of all the corners of the house. What’s more – and here comes the gem – the Robot Elf VR200 can be remote controlled distance in two ways: with an infrared remote control or with application for smartphones and tablets which allows you to activate and program it wherever we are.

Far happy friend or family gaming enthusiast is quite easy, given the vast amount of titles available on the market for all gaming platforms. Whether it is a fan of action games the simulator flights, Sports games or of any other type, this area allows us to range far and wide to go to search our tech perfect gift. And find it, of course!

Who among us does not have a friend or relative film buff – or tv series – which likes to spend his evenings in the company of a good story, lying comfortably on your sofa? And the best way to enjoy movies is to rely on Ultra HD TVs which allow you to have experience of 4K visions and enjoy every detail of what you are watching. If we lower budgets, the alternative is to rely on lower-end Smart TV: there are many models on the market and picture quality is excellent.

Technological gift par excellence, available in all price ranges and for all needs, is still smartphone . The real news this year is represented mainly by viewers VR – virtual reality viewers – who are often combined with the sale of certain models and that allow you to live the smartphone in a whole new way.