The concept of flexible smartphones is no longer new, but large corporations still out year promise to release such devices on the market. Even the Meizu, as found out is interested in the idea. Meanwhile, a group of researchers from the Human Media Laboratory Queens University in Kingston has developed an unusual smartphone called WhammyPhone. It has a flexible display, which allows you to play music flexion. It is able to simulate various musical instruments such as violin, piano, electric guitar, and others. The device responds to the slightest change in the sound of bending.

“WhammyPhone is an entirely new way to interact with audio using a smartphone. It allows you to achieve results, which usually can only be seen traditional musical instruments, “- said Dr. Vertegaal from the group of researchers who created this device


The WhammyPhone used FOLED-display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. It is connected to a sensor, which detects the bending, and then transmits them in the form of commands to change the sound. On the screen you will notice the standard keys of Android, from which it can be concluded that the device is running the Linux operating system.

“Real WhammyPhone advantage is that it provides the same kind of kinesthetic feedback, which, for example, the interaction of the string. This kind of effect is of crucial importance for the musicians to monitor their game” – said Dr. Vertegaal


About the implementation of this technology in commercial products, researchers are not yet ready to tell anything.