WeChat launches a drone for direct streaming


Tencent the company behind the note messaging application WeChat announced a new drone which should be put on sale by the end the month of October to $ 299 . The drone “Ying” will be characterized by the possibility of starting direct streaming within WeChat which is the most popular messaging application in China with over 800 million active users. The drone is capable of recording at resolution movies 4K but the stream will come at 720p HD resolution.

This is the first drone built by a company that operates within the social media with the stated objective to share your movies through the platform. To achieve this drone, Tencent has partnered with Qualcomm and the Chinese company Zerotech . The entry of WeChat in drone world is not entirely unusual despite being known primarily as a messaging platform. In China, applications like WeChat platforms are not dedicated solely to communication as in the rest of the world. In the case of WeChat, people buy and sell items within the app and use it, too, as a multimedia platform. In other words, in China, many of the activities related to the Internet take place within platforms such as WeChat.

In terms of technical specifications, the drone “ Ying ” is a small quadricottero Folding weighing less than a kilogram and comes with a carrying case that can be easily stored in a backpack . Although not a particularly sophisticated drone like Mavic Pro DJI, the WeChat brand is certainly better known than that of DJI and therefore this drone could find large following especially among social networking enthusiasts.

No mention of the possibility that “Ying” arrivals in America or Europe.

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