Mafia 3, and takes a few days between us and although its launch has been somewhat controversial with performance problems and other bugs (especially in its PC version) seems to be solving all the patches that 2K will releasing. Here we tell you which are the best weapons for each class so that Lincoln will not put anyone ahead.

Best of the best

In Mafia 3 we have 5 kinds of weapons: pistols, shotguns, automatic weapons, rifles and special weapons . We also have different types of explosives but left out because there is not particularly better than others.

  • Guns: Undoubtedly the best gun is Phoenix telescopic its damage is very high and cadence does not have to envy any of its class. It is achieved by Vito a favor.

  • Shotguns: If we choose to use short-range weapons the best choice is Barker 1500 the damage is simply brutal and has the highest rate of class . A killing machine. To achieve it we must do a favor Cassandra.

  • Automatic weapons: A difficult choice because there are several quite versatile, but finally opted for the Automat SG . It has much setback but it compensates with great harm. Shoot bursts worth to control the diversion smoothly. We can get into the arms dealer.

  • Rifles: Except in specific situations not recommend the guns are not bad weapons simply are lower than those of the other classes except small arms, still I recommend Hawk 4540 for its night vision that makes it much easier to see the goals. Like the Phoenix is ​​achieved by Vito a favor.

  • Special Weapons: Here comes the best weapons that destroy everything in their path. In this class we can find anti-tank rifles to grenade launchers, but certainly we were with Exterminatore ; a cut with incredible damage. It is achieved by Cassandra a favor.