Bloovery is an Italian startup that wants to revolutionize the delivery of flowers at home: do not order or on a website or on the phone, but it comes with a bot Messenger, a “programmed automaton” that with a few questions and a brief chat helps in the choice of flowers and finalizes the order . The idea came to a florist, Simone Guzzetti, who has decided to exploit the potential offered by the bot to simplify the purchasing process and put in the center the message. “ Today there are many companies who deliver flowers at home – says Simone Guzzetti – but in most cases we are faced with a simple delivery. We would like to take advantage of the possibilities offered by technology to put the focus of the whole message accompanying the flowers, and in a second phase also allow you to record video to accompany flowers and upload photos and short messages as you can do in an app messaging as Snapchat . “

And it is on technology that Bloovery wheel: thanks to the bot e-commerce developed by an Israeli company, the startup is successful, the first in Italy, to entirely manage a chat with every aspect of the sale, from product selection to the payment of the flowers via Paypal.

The system, already active for Milan and its hinterland, is very simple and affordable for everyone, just search for the user Bloovery on messenger to start the pleasant conversation that guide the user the choice of the type of flowers, the insertion of message and recipient data until paid.

We tried, and we must say that the work done is good although improvable: The bot is very “Automatic” and expects the user precise answers to questions it is also not possible to set up a bouquet of flowers to choose but you should opt for one of the preset bouquet, only four, this thing really limiting. Also annoying having to repeat the entire order (chat) in the event that one of the entered data is wrong, but this is something easily remedied by “reprogramming” the bot.

Guzzetti confirms that in any case the “bot” is a gem, and that the true heart will be the app for iOS (also coming to Android) that will be released in coming weeks : through the app the possibility of customization will be much more extensive, both as regards the product is for the various messages. The idea of ​​Simone Guzzetti brings us anyway to mind a question: bots can really revolutionize the web?

The bot Bloovery is an open florist almost 24 out of 24, and a simple program you can replace almost three people who accept orders. Bots are very interesting especially for customer care: where there is now an auto responder “stupid”, tomorrow there might be an automaton a bit ‘smarter : it is clear that this solution allows companies to save on showing “digital” costs, but there is still no real intelligence that can help these bots to hold a discussion even of the simplest.