We All 1000: how to get free minutes with Wind


Wind has changed several mobile offerings, by deleting some old rates and adding new ones: between those we We All 1000 a better profile than the normal We All, which allows for many more minutes to call all national landlines and cell phones each month.

We All 1000 has a cost of 9 euro with renewal every 28 days and provides well 1000 minutes of calls to all home numbers and the Italian mobile, with no connection fee.

Compared to We All standard (which includes 400 minutes to all at a cost of 7 euro, again every 4 weeks), the new version is undoubtedly more convenient if you need a lot of calls every month.

E ‘can also customize the offer by adding one or more of the following options:

  • 1 GB of mobile Internet more 3 euro;
  • 3 GB traffic data more at 6 euro;
  • 5GB extra cost of EUR 9;
  • 200 minutes to all 3 euro;
  • and unlimited calls to all within 5 euro;
  • 200 SMS to all at 1 euro.

The activation We offer all in 1000 at a cost of 15 euro one-off for existing operator customer. For those who switch to Wind, on the other hand, you can take advantage of the promotion that drops to 1 euro one-off contribution, but only if you remain users of the telephone company for at least 24 months.

The offer is activated by this link .

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