Wattup, here is the wireless charging remote


Wireless charging is not new in the hi tech sector with the WattUp Energous, however, the rod of innovation rises further, considering how this technology brings with it the possibility of using wireless charging distance, a solution whereby the user may enjoy more flexibility in the daily use of their device while charging.

As reported recently, during the CES 2017 in Las Vegas, it does not miss it very much because the market reach the first device equipped with this solution, which uses radio frequencies (transmitted via the charging dock) to a receiver, in turn, he is concerned to convert them into electricity to be used inside the same battery.

For the moment, charging can take place just a few centimeters away, and in the course of 2017, a new version of the system that will allow for a margin of autonomy of about one meter will be released. In order to have greater freedom of movement, it was not until 2018, when it will launch a new version that will ensure a range of 4.5 meters.

Check out the video below to understand the potential of WattUp of Energous: enjoy!


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