Crédit Mutuel has announced two assistantship projects of its client advisors with the use of Watson, the supercomputer from IBM.


Artificial Intelligence IBM client advisors serving Crédit Mutuel

On the occasion of the IBM Business Connect 2016 ,, Crédit Mutuel presented two projects using artificial intelligence Watson, the IBM supercomputer. Customer advisors will benefit from Watson’s assistant in various tasks related to their work. Already used in various US companies and now adapted to the language of Molière, the supercomputer IBM will facilitate the work of customer advisors of the French banking group. Ruble Frantz, CEO, announced the 1800 people present at the event different from Watson-use projects in the bank.

Two projects to help client advisors Crédit Mutuel

The first announced project is the use of Watson that will help client advisors in their daily tasks. They must treat between 300,000 and 600,000 emails per day and AI will analyze these and to rank them in order of priority. Automatic responses will also be offered to customers and advisers are twenty banking agencies are currently testing this new feature, said the CEO of Crédit Mutuel, Frantz Ruble.

The second project announced by Frantz Ruble is the use Watson as a direct assistant to the client advisors. The IBM supercomputer will seek answers and better solutions to customers who wish to subscribe or just have information on products and insurance and savings services Credit Mutuel. The client advisor will remain the sole decision but Watson will help them in their choices, in order of quality speed. Watson will better identify customer requests. This assistantship project is currently in the testing phase in a bank and will be rolled out beginning in November. It will be operational from February 2017.


What can Watson, the IBM supercomputer?

The Watson supercomputer Big Blue is a cognitive engine used by various groups. Now, Watson is not content to make a translation but to think in French, taking into account all the cognitive terms related to the language of Molière. Besides the fact that he is able to reason the speed of sound and help make a decision, Watson enables cross complex information and is invited in highly technical areas such as health, finance and systems banking. An environment where a first application has been tested with Crédit Mutuel, where Watson takes into account all data to customize them later for customers of the banking group.

The supercomputer Watson is able to provide the results of complex data analysis in minutes, instead of weeks. Watson is a supercomputer with artificial intelligence and also available to professionals from the Cloud. The supercomputer can target customers based on numerous parameters and perform a very detailed analysis. Watson may provide help analyze and anticipate. In 2011, Watson was known to the general public with his victory on television in “Jeopardy” game against savvy competitors, then the group had extended IBM Watson’s skills in the field of health.

An impressive hardware

The basic system is organized around 16 to 32 cores and 256 GB of memory. IBM can now connect several “Watson systems” to each other to multiply its capacity to demand. The hardware configuration of the IBM supercomputer Watson is composed of 90 Power 750 servers in 10 racks together. Each Power 750 processor SoC Power 7 has four to eight cores clocked at 3.55 GHz, which represents 32 cores per server and 2880 cores in total.