The concept of cross-platform already is not new, but in a virtual reality devices since their mass-to-market with the observed difficulties. called Eagle Flight, available to owners of PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift. The company promised that HTC Vive will also be play with users on other platforms, when the project will be available to the owner of these devices -. That is, from December 20

The following two project Ubisoft for virtual reality devices will also support cross-platform game. We are talking about Werewolves Within which will be available on all platforms on 6 December as well as the Star Trek: Bridge Crew, which is scheduled for March 14


“Adding support for cross-platform in our VR-projects from the very beginning it was our goal, and we are now happy to announce that cross-platform play will appear in the Eagle Flight, Werewolves Within and Star Trek: Bridge Crew, – said David Votypka (David Votypka), senior creative director at Red Storm, the studio subsidiary of Ubisoft. Our games include a strong multiplayer experience, therefore allowing friends to play together, regardless of whether the holders of any helmets they are, we thus will improve the social nature of our games and allows you to play them so as intended “

The release of Star Trek:. Bridge Crew had already been held, but the game as a result of moved . Eagle Flight, in turn, came out just over a month ago.