Volvo: Hololens to design the new car


Volvo last November had expressed interest to adopt Hololens the display for augmented reality Microsoft, to enhance the process of sales. Through augmented reality in fact, the car company was aiming to offer a better sales service offering consumers a tool to customize the desired car showing through the viewer the option, the colors and all the characteristic elements the chosen model.

The display for augmented reality has been, to date, used by many European clients and their Russian to customize their cars with the ability to see three-dimensional holograms models Volvo. Now, the auto company would be interested in expanding the use of Hololens also to car design . Volvo has announced that it will equip 15 of its engineers Hololens viewer Microsoft with the ultimate goal of helping the design of the car and to reduce the time for developing a new model from 30 months to 20 months. In fact, thanks to the use of the viewer, engineers will be able to observe all the smallest details of the car managed to correct even the smallest problems or to improve some aspects of the development project.

Thanks to Hololens engineers will have under my eyes the end result speeding, thus, the development of models of cars.

The initiative of Volvo is the first of its kind, that is the first time that the viewer Hololens and augmented reality are actually used in the design of the cars. However, the Swedish company has repeatedly shown its interest in this technology and the use of Microsoft’s viewer will not stop here because it will be used in the future in other areas within the company.

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