Vodafone Wallet among the best contactless systems


Vodafone Wallet the “digital wallet” of Vodafone which allows you to make purchases with your smartphone, you always have with them their loyalty cards and to manage subscriptions and tickets public transport, has been awarded amongst the best payment systems contactless and mobile loyalty of 2016. to determine the accolades, the role of forerunner of Vodafone in the spread of technology NFC and pan-European presence, the compatibility of Wallet with most NFC Android smartphone market, and multiple mobile commerce functionality.

In particular, in the last year, Vodafone Wallet has evolved thanks to the launch in Italy, Spain, Germany, Hungary and the Netherlands of Vodafone Pay the first digital payment system that allows you to associate all credit cards Visa and MasterCard and your account PayPal to make purchases with your smartphone in all shops and points of sale with POS contactless. Pay with Vodafone Pay is simple and safe: customers can make the purchase approaching the phone to contactless POS without having to open the application and even handheld drain. During payments, data stored in the SIM NFC and is never stored on the phone. This way, in case you lose your smartphone, simply call Vodafone Customer Service number to lock the SIM and the Vodafone Pay service, leaving the active physical cards.

Vodafone Pay can also be used for transactions in the transport sector: in London, for example, the service from the possibility of direct access to the Tube and all public transport, by simply placing the smartphone to the turnstiles, with experience innovative company that allows you to never have to waste time to purchase tickets, to extract the portfolio, thus ensuring greater safety, as well as allowing to control the routes and the expenditure incurred. Finally, thanks to the recent extension of contactless technology to the typical “black cab” Londoners, Vodafone customers can also use the service to pay racing taxi.

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