The dream of traveling to 1Gbps will soon be reality for those who live in Turin, Milan and Bologna and are achieved by Vodafone fiber: the operator has launched the new Iperfibra offer that, thanks to FTTH connectivity, enables a niche privileged users to browse and transfer files on to “offensive speed network” for those who still travel at 1 Mbps, or the majority of Italians. The speed in this first month will be 500 Mbps, but then by the end of November it will touch the 1 Gbps peak with 200 Mbps in upload just enough to set up house in a small provider. All at an affordable price: EUR 25 every 4 weeks, but who should be added EUR 4 every 4 weeks for activation the latter also payable in a single solution (169 euro). This is obviously a promotional rate, which also includes the national fixed-line calls to those who subscribe online. Among the other “freebies” are also a SIM 1GB of LTE traffic to use outside the home in a tablet and 3 months of Netflix in HD (4K why not?). After the promotion cost additional charge relates know only 5 euro for Iperfibra option, which is still optional.

Sparita the month is a bit ‘difficult to calculate the real cost of the subscription, but basically will pay 29 € every 4 weeks for 12 times, then switch to 34 EUR to 36 renewals and back to 30. The activation, if the rules of the other fiber connections, it should be spread on 48 renewals (4 years) are valid and the minimum duration is 24 renewals (almost two years). In case of early withdrawal, the cost is 45 euro.

Vodafone is undoubtedly winning the challenge of speed, but perhaps I should try to win another challenge, that of the cover: remove some Mbps to “rich bandwidth” to give to the “poor”.