How Netflix, but designed for a young audience and with a maximum duration of episodes of 10 minutes: Studio + is the new app streaming presented today in Italy by Vivendi in partnership with TIM, a mini TV series container made for viewing on smartphones and feature a narrative rhythm tight and fast .

We are facing a new editorial product, which goes some way to raise the level of the webseries offering quality content with level cast. In this first phase of launch will be present 15 series, but Vivendi promised the addition of a new series a week.

The available titles are obviously unknown works, but the hope is that some of these can become “viral” by word of mouth network by creating a “Studio +” phenomenon among young people. Kill Skills, Urban Jungle, Surf Therapy, Madame Hollywood, Brutal, Amnesia, Kali, Doom Doom, Red s1, Superhuman, Haphead, Farmed and Dangerous, Romantic Encounters, El Gran Dia De Los Feos, El Porvenir and Under are the titles of the moment, but as we wrote many series are in the works and in February will also Deep, a Franco-Italian production which sees the cast Ornella Muti and Caterina Murino. Treating the world of diving and apnea, this work will probably proposal in “portrait”, a real novel. Dominique Delport, President of Vivendi Content, it would point out that Studio + is open to all types of technological innovation, so short could also see content in VR 360 ° and other types of experimental original content .

Vivendi has worked a lot on the interface that is beautiful, fast, attractive, and has also taken care of in a special way the issues that are in HD, they dubbed in Italian and of course original language and subtitles.

Despite the reduced duration app allows downloading of online series, feature this very interesting especially for young people often Traffic dry. Competitive price: 3.99 EUR per month for TIM customers and 4.99 € for the other and for those who want to try there is also the weekly plan to 1:49 € 1.80 euro depending of ‘operator.

We got to see an episode of a series, and surely we are faced with something different, especially in the rhythm. Appreciable the choice of taking productions from around the world, which makes the choice varied, a little ‘less so the decision to resume these series in “video”, with a look and feel from scripted rather than film (at least for the view number from us).

Paradoxically we could not find the app or the App Store Apple nor Google Play Store, but fortunately we were able to go back to the two download links that we propose.