There are also Orange is the New Black Mad Men and Casual between the TV series now available on Vimeo. The popular streaming service, always an alternative to YouTube, launches its store television in partnership with Lionsgate and STARZ thinking over that iTunes to Netflix.

The service is not in fact a subscription, but you can buy individual show, with a classical structure on demand . It is of course possible that tomorrow Vimeo can replicate the business model of Netflix, but at the time the setting is the store that the streaming platform.

The opening of the TV series to be seen in a broader strategic plan, which also includes the acquisition of the VHX video distribution platform . Unlike other similar services, the TV store Vimeo is now available internationally, with about 150 countries met, including Italy (but the titles appear in English only).

As for the prices, Vimeo tip of an aggressive policy: a season of Mad Men for example, costs $ 9.99 compared to 19.99 Amazon . The individual episodes, however, are proposed at $ 2.99, the same price of Bezos platform.