The sequel of the popular multiplayer action movie Titanfall be released on October 28 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. In addition to the mandatory multiplayer, the game will offer single-player campaign. As part of the public interest in support to project developers from Respawn Entertainment released a new video that tells the story of six available in the game Titania, demonstrating the potential of each of them.

Legion – titanium with multicore machine gun, designed with an eye on defense and control. Weapons can be switched to the contact mode or ranged attack and penetrate the shield enemies and concentrate fire on enemies when you activate the appropriate core skills. A distinctive feature of titanium NorthStar is the accuracy and the ability to fly. It can be used against the enemies of the trap and run missile beams.

Ronin – armed with a huge sword titanium, shown in the first trailer of the game. It is optimized for fast moving and unexpected attacks at the expense of protection. Ronin has the ability to slow down enemies electric attack to achieve faster of to contact the attack.

Ion familiar participants Titanfall beta 2. This titanium endowed Shoulder laser and protective vortex shield, as well as a powerful laser on the chest. Scorch, which was also available during the test, can offer to the pilot of attack by means of fire, thermal shield and as a special ability – a wave of fire. Sixth titanium is tone: he attacks enemies with the help of a group of guiding missiles, is able to find opponents and finally produce a whole lot of rockets


For more information about all the Titans and their capabilities can be on the game’s official website . All these war machines are shown in the new trailer: