Video: the first 8 minutes of biomechanical horror shooter Inner Chains


The developers of Telepaths Tree Studios presented the first trailer for the horror-shooter with a first-person Inner Chains, which shows the actual gameplay.

The video presents the first 8 minutes of the game, where our hero wakes up alone in some vault. Stepping outside, he sees a terrible biomechanical world, more like hell. So you can get a general idea of ​​the project design, but about the basic mechanics is too early to judge. It is shown that only a small walk to the altar with a group of cultists and some carnivorous plants that kill all who will approach too close. Draw conclusions about the quality of the picture is not worth it, because it is before the “pre-alpha”.

Action Inner Chains happening in the world of the distant future. In just a few million years of evolution has led to the merging of living organisms and technologies in a strange symbiosis. Artificial intelligence has teamed up with the flora and fauna, and they have evolved together. Developers especially stress that the players are waiting for the tactical shooter with complex and exciting gunfights. The objective of our hero, one – to make its way through the deadly nature and get to the mythical places of “The Last Hope”, where is believed to be possible to leave the dying planet


as the date of release is called the first quarter of 2017. Play, by the way, it will be possible with the use of virtual reality helmets. Publisher IMGN.PRO plans to release a horror to PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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