More and more games are supported PS4 Pro: gde then it is implemented only for show, and in some cases (especially in new projects) optimization are very important. Recently, we have said that Assassin’s Creed Syndicate there was a certain likeness support PS4 Pro when connecting to a 4K-displays. Employees DigitalFoundry decided to find out the details of optimization.

According to their tests, improvement in AC Syndicate is really quite questionable. Resolution is definitely somehow been changed, but scaling the quality leaves much to be desired. According to the above analysis, in most cases we are talking about a vertical resolution in the range of 1620-1440, with artifacts manifested by scaling a checkerboard. It seems that the developers have sought to increase the resolution up to 2880 × 1620, but the result even after zooming in on the screen 1920 × 1080 looks imperfect. Support for HDR also added was not

Another consideration reporters project was the previous game in the endless series of militant Call of Duty -. Black Ops III . I am glad that the developers to improve the PS4 Pro not only their new games, but also release an update for the old. Treyarch studio realized 4K-image 3840 × 2160 using the method of scaling a checkerboard. Artifacts scaling set, but like many games for the PS4 Pro, they are only visible in the screenshots. Due to the cinematic post-processing and many dark scenes growth permissions are not so obvious as it could be, but overall the game looks sharper.

However, due to changes in the principle of vertical synchronization performance in complex scenes sometimes drops to 30 frames / s – significantly lower than the original PS4. However, in most scenes Pro demonstrates contrast, noticeably smoother image. It seems that the problem is that unlike the PS4-base version, which uses a dynamic scaling version PS4 Pro fixed at 4K. Curiously, the 1080p screens on game performance increases significantly, so that is probably the developers in this mode send the excess computing resources to increase the frame rate. HDR is also not supported

Although Dishonored 2 -. A new game, it PS4 Pro support is implemented is not very good. The developers have improved native resolution only up to 2560 × 1440, but much less frequency drops below 30 frames / sec, which is especially noticeable during the fighting. It is strange that on the screen 1080p picture is no different from the basic version for the PS4, that is, the inverse scaling to improve anti-aliasing is not here. Support for HDR is not implemented.

Finally, in the Hitman creators have gone on similar to Dishonored 2 way and just upgraded to PS4 Pro’s native resolution to the same 1440p. At 4K-display game looks good at the expense of high-quality anti-aliasing ligaments and zoom. In addition, the frequency increase is noticeable for at least 10 frames / s, and in some scenarios productivity increased from 35 to 50 frames / sec. Another notable advantage is that the download speed levels and textures podgruzki significantly increased, so that at times it seems like Hitman version uses the Pro PS4 better resources (in fact, just the basic PS4 longer reserves increased texture resolution). Although about HDR and there will have to forget, Pro-update the game turned out to be good.