Together with the launch of a virtual reality helmet PlayStation VR and left a number of projects for this device. Players will have to choose from, it is sufficient to mention VR DriveClub, Rise of Tomb Raider and Batman: Arkham VR. But there are also a number of other games of different genres, which are able to demonstrate the capabilities of virtual reality. On a few of them will be discussed.

Battlezone offers the player to feel in the cockpit of a tank “Cobra” in the midst of a sci-fi environment in the world of the distant future. Among the features – the cooperative support, procedurally generated levels and tasks, so that none of the battle will not be repeated. Among the opponents – tanks, turrets, drones and mechanical swarms


Another project, RIGS Mechanized Combat League, offers the feel in the role of one of the participants of robotic sports near future where drivers run powerful machines, exoskeletons, fighting with each other in arenas to entertain the audience. There are elements of martial arts, motor racing and basketball. Available as a career mode and multiplayer matches.

Headmaster – the simulator is very strange, “players training center”, where the player is invited to perform a variety of tests and puzzles, beating balls flying in his head. The game is your style, gloomy humor and puzzles reminiscent Portal. The prisoner in the “center” of the player 3274 will have to undergo an intensive course on improving their skills.

EVE: Valkyrie – the player is invited to become part of an elite squad of fighters composed of space pirates and mercenaries. Available space battle with the computer opponents, multiplayer battles, the possibility of character development and updating of the ship. More recently, Sony released trailer for this game and below you can see another one.

Job Simulator – a humorous simulation routine work. The game takes place in the world, the come of communism: the robots do all the work for the people, and the latter as an entertainment resort to this simulator to understand what it is – to work. And at the same time it is possible, for example, throw a stapler at his annoying boss.