Video: Five minutes of gameplay Mass Effect: Andromeda


Fans of Mass Effect, finally waited for display gameplay Mass Effect: Andromeda. Dialogues, a ride on the “Mako”, shooting and much more demonstrated during the event The Game Awards 2016.

As already known, Andromeda events unfold hundreds of years after the final main trilogy. The main hero (or heroine) will search for planets that can lodge in the future of humanity.

The fighting, judging by the roller will be more fluid and dynamic, but whether there will be a tactical pause, and associates the opportunity to give the team – is unknown. Also in the trailer shows crafting and collection of resources, and in the inventory of the protagonist have a scanner that allows you to explore the area in search of important data.

in his tweeted project producer Michael Gamble (Michael Gamble) hinted at a large number of secrets in the trailer. “take it apart piece by piece, – he writes. – The whole entirely. In it TONS of detail. Skills, weapons, locations, new friends and enemies. “ Release Mass Effect: Andromeda is still planned in the spring of next year on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC



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