Role unfinished Final Fantasy XV today still made it to the shelves (only in the console versions – the PC version is still in question). Despite the considerable delay, change of name from Final Fantasy Versus XIII and head with Tetsuji Nomura development (Tetsuya Nomura) on Hajime Tabata (Hajime Tabata), a project fell by critics soul .

to celebrate the long-awaited launch, Square Enix has introduced CG-video games in which real actors involved. The trailer tells about the usual quartet of children who were in the fading fantasy world war after the king’s death. They challenge the giant metal monster. Unfortunately, their trap is useless, but the courage to allow to meet four of unexpected heroes -. The main characters of Final Fantasy XV

The video clearly shows that the Japanese game is created in the including with an eye to the teens. At the end of the video demonstrates some excerpts Final Fantasy XV gameplay. During trailer sound tracks variation Stand by Me, performed by the popular British band Florence and the Machine

10 years of game development today -. Insanely long term, for entertainment industry which has gone far ahead: it can be read in the material Shchennikova Dennis . Square Enix actively supports interest in Final Fantasy XV: suffice it to say that the full-length CG-movie “Kingsgleyv: Final Fantasy the XV” was released, five episodes of the anime “Final Fantasy XV: Brotherhood” short CG-movie Omen’s , mobile Strike creators are working on mobile game in the world of Final Fantasy XV, and Audi introduced stylized car game.