The company introduced Inno3D graphics accelerator iChill GeForce GTX Black in 1060, and has received factory overclocking . custom cooling system

The basis of novelty – the graphics core GP106 NVIDIA Pascal family, manufactured on 16 nm process technology FinFET. The configuration includes 1280 stream processors and 6GB of GDDR5 memory with 192-bit bus

In making reference base frequency chip core is 1506 MHz, forced -. 1708 MHz. The memory operates at 8000 MHz effective frequency. At the Inno3D card, these figures increased to 1569, 1784 and 8200 MHz, respectively.

The accelerator is endowed with a hybrid cooling system combining water block and fan diameter of 80 mm. Last stop completely at a low load. Compared to standard products applied decision allegedly can significantly improve heat dissipation efficiency and at times reduce the noise level.

To connect the display interface provides Dual Link DVI-D, HDMI 2.0b connector and three DisplayPort 1.4. In the computer graphics package will take two and a half expansion slot.