At the time of the start of sales of PlayStation VR available not only relatively large, but simple, cheaper but, nevertheless, funny and impressive VR-games. On the official PlayStation YouTube channel it published a number of trailers such projects.

Thumper – a simple visual relation to the game, something resembling AudioSurf. The player is invited to literally dive into the world of rhythms: to manage only one analog stick and a button. It is available both in the VR-variant, and as usual, with on PS4 Pro – in 4K. For the music in the game is responsible Gibson Brian (Brian Gibson), known for his participation in the band Lightning Bolt.

Rez Infinite, reprinted with a number of improvements for the PS4, similar to Thumper, but in the visual relation is quite different. The player is invited to carry out an exciting journey, breaking through waves of enemies and huge bosses transformable among the colors and sounds, synchronized with the music in the style of techno. The game is available at both the PS4, and the PS VR. By imprinted in the video player reactions in virtual reality Rez able to stun.

Super Stardust Ultra VR – classic arcade shooter for PlayStation – returned to a completely new perspective. Now, with the help of PS VR helmet to protect your planet can be a first-person view in the cockpit of a spaceship pilot.

Ace Banana – the player is invited to feel as armed to the teeth … banana, fend off monkeys and protect your loved ones and shelter through a variety of arrows. When all the kids bananas stolen, the game ends. Available game with your friends.

SuperHyperCube – puzzle from face to pore PS VR retrofuturisticheskom in style. Mechanics vaguely reminiscent of Tetris: the player must spend a cluster of cubes through a series of obstacles from the walls: you need time to rotate a shape, to coincide with a hole in the wall. The better the player to cope with the buildings, so they become more complex: each cluster increases proydёnnoy wall


The Assembly can not be attributed to the mini-games (a lot of its value is $ 30), but this project also entered the starting list PS VR. The Assembly is sustained in the genre of interactive stories in the first person and is designed from the ground up for the virtual reality helmets. The player will be in the organization dealing with ambiguous moral point of view the experiments, and to look at her mystery from two opposite points of view. Sophisticated solutions translate into one of the many endings.

As a bonus – a teaser trailer for a forthcoming on PS VR thriller A Haunting: Witching Hour. It promises a rich and very dark story in which the player will have to survive and explore the dark corners of human nature. Teaser reported that the spring of 1980 two schoolboys lost, going down in the abandoned coal mines.