A few months ago, several major Western bloggers have been convicted in connection with roulette sites that use the skins of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the manner of chips from the casino. We do not have to wait and charge towards the very Valve. The American company denied everything, but public outrage did not stop. As a result, Steam creators interested in the activities of the Washington State Gambling Commission.


According to officials, Valve deliberately promotes the casino activities. The authorities demanded to ban the use of skins of popular shooter third-party sites. In response to Valve employees said that the company is not going to meet these requirements, because this situation has become possible only thanks to Steam subjects market and features a user ID.

In his letter to the Commission representatives of the digital magazine stressed that by themselves these functions Steam do not violate any laws – the responsibility lies with the owners of online roulette, and to deal with the latest extremely difficult


Source: steamed.kotaku.com